Dark Orbit One of The Coolest Online Games Ever

When it comes to Dark Orbit, we are not only talking about just another space game - it's probably the coolest space game on the market right now. Dark Orbit is one of the most advanced online games within the space genre, in which thousands of users spend hours enjoying its great features. But what is it that makes it such a cool game? The secret lies in all the details that were carefully developed by the game's authors and partly influenced by its users.

One of the highlights that makes Dark Orbit stick out among all the other space games that have been coming up in the last years is the story that serves as the game's background: in the centre of all battles is the demand of power over the earth's limited resources, which are the key to world domination. At the beginning, the user chooses which company to fight for, and then starts directly with the first battle.

Whether a game will be a success or not depends on many factors - in the genre of space games, one of them is action. Space game players usually are looking for battles, fights, weapons etc. and will not be disappointed if they start playing Dark Orbit - there are fights and battles around every corner. Players can never have a rest. In addition, every space ship has different features, and having the right equipment for each situation can be decisive for winning a battle.

When analysing the success of Dark Orbit, one must not forget the author of the game, which is the German company Big Point. This company and the people responsible for Dark Orbit's design and development have proven that their creativity and passion for online games hardly has any limits. They especially pay great attention to details - details which, individually, might not catch users' interest, but when playing the game it's the details that convince users to come back every day and continue with another mission. 

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