Checklist of defunct Drum Corps International member corps

Traditional (or "Golden Age") drum and bugle corps are musical ensembles that descended from military bugle and drum units returning from Globe War I and succeeding wars.[1] Ordinarily, drum and bugle corps served as signaling models as early as before the American Civil War, with these signaling models having descended in some style from historical drum and fife corps. With the introduction of the radio, bugle signaling units grew to become obsolete and surplus devices was bought to veteran companies (these as the Veterans of Overseas Wars and American Legion, two major organizers for basic drum corps). These organizations shaped drum and bugle corps of civilians and veterans, and the corps done in local community activities and regional celebrations. In excess of time, rivalries involving corps emerged and the aggressive drum and bugle corps circuit developed.
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The expression "traditional" is employed for the applications of this post to differentiate it from modern-day drum and bugle corps, applying the time time period of the institution of Drum Corps Global as a dividing point in the timeline of the two styles of drum and bugle corps. Modern day drum and bugle corps are a continuation of the basic variety, for all intents and uses, acquiring the same origins, even though some corps in the "basic" model do however exist.

Usually, drum and bugle corps consisted of bell-front brass horns, discipline drums, a shade guard, and an honor guard. Drum and bugle corps have usually been mistaken for marching bands, considering that there is a similarity to both equally teams having horns and drums and they are each essentially bands of musicians that march. The activities are distinct in corporation (marching bands generally associate with significant educational facilities and colleges when drum corps are freestanding organizations), competitors and overall performance (marching bands complete in the tumble at soccer games, drum corps commonly compete for the duration of the summer), and instrumentation (drum corps use only brass bugles and drums, marching bands include woodwinds and other alternative instruments).

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