The Different IPTV Channels And What They Offer

IPTV is basically Internet Protocol Television. It is basically a system which delivers various types of television services by using the Internet Protocol suite through network connections like Local Area Networks (LAN) or internet as opposed to the traditional methods which are used for delivering such services. These traditional methods include terrestrial formats, satellite signals and cable television. There are various types of IPTV service providers which may be chosen to avail these services. The services of IPTV 2.0 are primarily divided into three categories:

Live television

The live internet TV and television service may be provided without or with interactivity pertaining to current television shows.

Time shifted television

Using the option of time shifted television; users can easily view the episodes they may have missed out upon. The relay is usually done within one to two hours of the show being telecast on television.

On demand video

With this feature, users can easily browse through the wide range of videos which are not included in television programming.

IPTV is quite different from the internet television. The standardization process and deployment scenarios used in telecommunication networks which focus in subscriber base allow high speed access to various channels to end users through set top boxes and other kinds of devices. Users can browse through the IPTV channels list and select their favorite channels and programs.

Nowadays, IPTV services have adopted new technologies which have significantly enhanced their capabilities. This has given birth to the latest and advanced IPTV 2.0. Few facilities which are now provided to customers include:

Customers are provided with the option of choosing between different kinds of android based systems which are used by the service providers. User can opt for an IPTV sports package and other types of packages according to their preference. The different packages offered may vary in terms of the time period of service provided and the cost. The time period of service may vary between 3 months to a year.

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